LiveDock is an innovative proprietary warehouse management system including data collection and reporting developed by Costa Solutions. Built from the ground up to provide you with valuable information on a timely basis, LiveDock represents the very latest technology, placed directly on the dock.

Information is collected during the receiving process and entered into a mobile device.

How This Benefits You

  • Placing powerful data entry directly on the dock makes it possible for us to tell a more complete story about each received load, as it happens
  • Validation controls are placed on the data entry process for quality data capture
  • A computer-based warehouse management system captures more pertinent information in greater detail (more than 300 pieces of unique information possible on each unload event), giving you more quantifiable, measurable and definable metrics

With LiveDock, as the unloads are completed and finalized, the data is automatically uploaded to our Client Portal. This allows you to view and analyze near real-time data through our web portal. Ultimately, this process translates into faster, more effective communication to you regarding the performance of your facility, services, vendors and carriers.

LiveDock Update 2024 Released:

Costa Solutions is proud to announce a new release of LiveDock, our end-to-end unloading and labor management software for warehouses and distribution centers. LiveDock provides managers live visibility into warehouse performance metrics, enabling them to make cost-control adjustments in the short term and develop strategies for maximizing the bottom line in the long term.

Frequency and cost analysis of sub-standard loads.

Frequency and cost analysis of sub-standard loads.

Improved Capabilities

We build and support LiveDock in a continuous development model. This new release was driven by customer feedback. In order to provide the highest value to our clients, The 2024 update provides enhanced analytics, business intelligence, and data integrity capabilities. The entire technology stack and user interface have been written for scalability and ease of use.

Built to Suit

Customer-specific KPIs, goals, and performance tracking..

KPIs, goals, and performance tracking.

Customer-specific KPIs, goals, and performance tracking..

LiveDock is fully customized in each deployment, giving authorized users quick access to the data that matter most to their businesses. From common KPIs like average unload time and average turnaround time to the more nuanced metrics unique to each warehouse, LiveDock aggregates and streamlines information in an always-on, web-based dashboard instantly accessible from any web-enabled device.

Highest Data Quality Standards

LiveDock customers benefit from both automated and manual quality assurance processes to ensure that business data is always accurate, actionable, and defensible. Costa Solutions has analyzed customer data points captured over 20 years, allowing us to generate normal averages for each metric and develop input validation for each field in the application.

Real-time availability of data has improved greatly, and the new release features a transition from flat reporting to near-real-time analysis in easy-to-interpret interfaces.

On the Horizon

Live Dock is built in a continuous development model With multiple updates each year. Some of these features include, greater security, updated technologies, greater business intelligence and intuitiveness.

Breakdown of common late arrivals by vendor and carrier.

What Sets LiveDock Apart

Our customers regularly tell us that LiveDock represents the standard in unloading measurement and analysis. In developing LiveDock for our warehouse and DC customers’ specific use cases, we’re able to deliver tremendous added value to our managed labor relationships. In an era where automation and analytics are on the rise, LiveDock is the vanguard warehouse performance application.

Costa Solutions customers will always enjoy full visibility into their warehouse data with the fully customized and ever-evolving power of LiveDock.