In the months since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, much has changed in the business world. However, as an “essential service” in the food supply chain, Costa Solutions’ work of unloading and managed labor for key grocery and food service companies in Texas has been more in demand than ever.

We’re unloading trucks and working assembly lines at higher rates than ever to meet increased grocery demand. At the same time, Costa Solutions has been making adjustments to the way we do business:

  • Raising the bar on hygiene throughout our operation
  • Incorporating regular hand sanitation
  • Creating flexible work schedules for team members who have children out of school
  • Motivating and providing a healthy work environment for employees
  • Bringing in more people than before to deal with the higher volume

The complexities that come with these changes are real, but they also create an opportunity: an opportunity for Costa Solutions’ teams to step in and serve our customers in unprecedented ways, while challenging our ability to think outside the box and bring new innovations to our work so the flow of goods never stops.

Due to the amazing work ethic, creativity, and loyalty of all the Costa family, our teams have been able to step up and overcome these challenges. During this season of great need for our customers, we continue to hire extra employees, unload more trucks and cases than ever before, and flex to all our customers scheduling demands. Hearing heartfelt “thank yous!” from our customers and seeing the joy that our employees have in playing a vital role supporting their communities make it all worthwhile.  Costa Solutions has handled record-breaking volume in compressed time frames, continued to grow our employee base and hire at our Texas locations, and maintain the high level of performance excellence that our customers have grown to expect and rely upon.

Looking to the future, we will continue to learn and find new ways to deliver satisfaction and excellence to our customers. Costa Solutions is ready to bring this same commitment and track record of service to meet the needs of new customers who are ready to see and feel the Costa difference …. “to help you thrive!”