Customized Tracking and Reporting

Having fast, easy access to reports detailing inbound operations can help your company improve efficiency and increase profits.

Tracking and reporting of these operations are an ideal way to monitor how your services, vendors, and carriers are performing to identify problems and increase efficiency.

Reports enable you to:

  • Determine load efficiency by measuring good loads versus problem loads
  • Discover if an item is costing more money to unload – if so, why – and if it could be loaded differently for improved results
  • See if the correct pallets are being used
  • Ensure loads are delivered based on your requirements and meet compliance
  • Keep scorecards for vendors and carriers
  • Measure on-time efficiency based on scheduled versus arrival times
  • See if your pallets are used effectively
  • Get an overview of receiving dock efficiency

Costa Solutions’ customized reporting delivers visibility and profitability snapshots, helping you make informed management decisions. Our LiveDock online system puts these reports at your fingertips quickly and easily. You can also schedule the automatic emailing of specified reports at intervals you choose, creating a customized distribution list and cycle. LiveDock tracking and reporting provides greater control over the entire inbound process while also identifying opportunities to increase profitability.